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Sundae School is a Seoul and Los Angeles-based Cannab!s brand and a Smokewear label.

Sundae School is sometimes Alanis Morisette, sometimes Nicki Minaj, but always Dalai Lama.

Sundae School is a community of high-achieving degenerates.

Sundae School is Guy Fieri's stoned cousin who studied abroad in Seoul.

Sundae School is ᕙ(◥▶‿◀◤)ᕗ with a lil of ଘ(ᵕ˵ ૩ᵕ)━☆゚.*・。゚

Sundae School is your dad accidentally on shrooms realizing that he was never meant to be a doctor but a Koala Carer.

Sundae School is a choir soprano who goes to Coachella and rips basic's flower crowns.

Sundae School is an ice cream shop with only asian candy toppings.

Our mission is World Peace, by globalizing and contextualizing Cannabis as plant and tool to expand the mind. We make high-quality goods for high-minded folx, whether it is fresh flowers, chewy mochi gummies, or cozy uniforms for recreational consumption. Check out our smokewear at sundae.school

It started as an asinine, high idea on New Year's day of 2017 while I was taking pulls from a (smuggled) vap3 pen in my childhood room in Gangnam, Korea. My mother came into my pitch black room to give me a new year’s sermon , and while I was actively trying to block out her voice, my high ass thought: “What if God is Korean? What if She smoked weed everyday to create this world?” My mom turned the light on and a voice inside my head said: 빛이 있으라 – “Let there be light.” And that was Genesis. 

Welcome to the sinisterhood of traveling spleefs! If you have any questions/ comments/ feedback, e-mail us, but you have to hustle and be smart and find our contact yourselves because life is not so easy.