Lychee Mochi Plushie

  • Mochi plushie keychain with a bag insert 
  • "떨" logo embroidery on the plushie with silver keychain hardware and zipper pocket on the back 
  • "Sundae School" + "떨" logo graphic print on front of the bag 
  • Plushie & Bag fabric: 100% Polyester 

MAJOR BAG ALERT!! We developed a plushie keychain bag combo for all you sexi kawaii bitches out there who love to accessorize. The plushie is squish squishable with our classic "떨" logo embroidered on the front to look just like our mochi gummies. Surprise b!tch! there's a bag inside for all your mochi gummies and even fits a 16" MacBook - size really does matter ;). Get your cutie a$$ a mochi keychain 2day!! <3