White Strawberry

For Rest & Relaxation
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Carefully crafted bursts of tangy, sweet flavor for your berry jubilee.

  • Infused with 5mg of THC & made with all-natural ingredients πŸ“
  • Hand-crafted in CA; tapioca baseπŸ§‹ for the xtra-bouncy chew
  • The flavor is inspired from the memories of going to Hokkaido for ski season and starting the morning in the slopes with fresh white strawberries and mochi treats
  • 10 gummies per package, 50 MG total THC

We hope the berry bliss helps you unwind :) This treat is sure to become your go-to after a long day.

How to use

Take one gummy as needed. Store sealed in a cool, dry place. Keep out of reach of children.

Warning: May cause uncontrollable bursts of laughter, sudden cravings for bibimbap, and a deep appreciation for yourself. Snack responsibly – but with all the S(e)oul you can muster!


Tapioca syrup, Sugar, Water, Pectin, Natural flavors, Absorbic acid, Citric acid, Palm kernel oil, Tapioca starch, Natural colors, Sodium citrate, Hemp-derived THC extract

Supplement Facts

Servings: 10, Serv. Size: One Mochi (2.5g), Amount per serving: 9 Calories, 0g Total Fat, 5mg Sodium, 2g Total Carb, 2g Total Sugars

This product contains naturally occurring cannabinoids such as CBD, CBN, CBL, CBDA, CBG, CBC, THCV, THCP, and/or CBDV derived from hemp plants that contain below 0.3% THC.

Designed for a better you

Our Mochis are the perfect companion to your nights in & out, or to fuel up your daytime creative juice. The possibilities are endless when you mochi!

Party smarter

Hangovers are so last year

Sleep better

Your skin called to thank you

Get creative

You are more than your 9-5

Feel yourself

Don't be afraid & find your zen

Mochi Minutiae

Sundae Flowers Mochi Gummies are hand-crafted edibles made in California with love and all-natural ingredients. Not to hype ourselves up too much, but they are superior.

Flavor notes

Sweet, juicy & tangy like Hokkaido Strawberries


Vegan, GF, chewy tapioca base


5 mg of THC / 3rd-party tested


Made with TLC in California


Vegan, GF, chewy tapioca base


5 mg of THC / 3rd-party tested


Made with TLC in California

BTS: Behind the Sundae

Each mochi takes about 3 weeks to make from start to finish. We hand craft everything from scratch with the finest ingredients from California. Mochis are not just infused with THC - it also takes TLC!

Step 1

Sourcing & Extraction

It all starts with flowers – We source our flowers from local farms in California and extract the THC from the plant - then the extract is sent off to a 3rd party testing lab for its purity and safety.

Step 2


The extract is blended into our tapioca base (just like boba pearls) for the juiciest bite. After the hand pour, we cure them for 30 hours, and double-coat them with starch to give it that mochi bite inspired by our fave munchies.

Step 3

Quality check

We go through a rigorous QC process at a 3rd party testing lab so that we know they are safe & effective. We also inspect each gummy for the texture and firmness, because you deserve the best.

Step 4

From us to you

We've sold over a MILLION gummies at 200+ CA shops like MedMen. The recipe has been perfected for the best bite & the smoothest highs. But don't just take our word for it - check out countless reddit threads and Tiktoks about us!

Dosage 101

If you are new to edibles, here is a nifty guide for you. P.S.A. Everyone has a unique endocannabinoid system so just use this as a reference. When in doubt, always start with less!

1/2 mochi to start

Never tried edibles? Start with a half. Wait 20-40 minutes, and if you don't feel change, take the other half!

1 mochi to chill

For the full dose, wait 20-40 min, you'll slowly lift off for a few hours. Make sure to get your cozy pants on!

2 mochis to elevate

Treat yourself, you deserve a break. We'll go higher together a mochi at a time – new mems & dreams await and kindly request your presence.

3 mochis to melt

God mode awaits you. Be one with the couch or shake your body like it's a middle school dance. Remember to hydrate and focus on the present.


We have some answers to questions you might already have.

Is this legal?

Yes! Products sold on this site contain naturally occurring cannabinoids such as CBD, CBN, CBL, CBDA, CBG, CBC, THCV, THCP, and/or CBDV derived from hemp plants that contain below 0.3% THC. This means our products are federally legal for sale.

We go through testing and oversee all production to ensure compliance with legal standards. We’re constantly monitoring the landscape of Delta-9 and its regulations.

Will this get me high?

Delta-9 is considered psychoactive. We suggest starting off with the lowest dose (1mg) and working your way up to where you're comfortable. This varies from person to person.Β If you have concerns, it is always advisable to check with a healthcare professional, and reach out to our team with any questions.

Will I fail a drug test?

Unfortunately, yes. No tests exist that can differentiate between Delta-9 and the various Recreational or Medical THC cannabinoids. Even trace amounts of cannabinoids that are found in full-spectrum CBD can trigger a positive test result, so depending on your circumstance: please use at your own risk!

Can THC-free options be requested or purchased?

At the moment, we do not offer any un-infused options.

Bc you deserve the best (β—•β€Ώβ—•βœΏ)

Comparison label
Sundae Flowers
All natural ingredients
Dosed for reliable highs
Prize-winning flavors
Low sugar (2G)
Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten-free
Loved by 100,000+ enthusiasts


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